Our Women Leaders


Our Women Leaders

 Anna Kaplan of Sugartop Buddery 

AnnaPicAnna Kaplan is the business and operations manager in the SugarTop BudderyLogo2017 - Women Leaders in Cannabisbrother-sister duo that is SugarTop Buddery. Anna is a trained oil painter and sculptor with a Master of Fine Arts from The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, a Post Baccalaureate Graduate Certificate from the Maryland Institute College of Art and her Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Anna also worked for several years managing a local, farmhouse-style restaurant and whiskey bar in Philadelphia. Born and raised in North Carolina, Anna moved to Eugene from Philadelphia in the winter of 2014. Since landing in Oregon she has helped conceptualize, design and create what is now the SugarTop Buddery brand. “Cannabis elevates, heals and inspires – just as the mediums of art and music. It goes without saying that the two feed one another.”

Additional Women of Sugartop Buddery: Jade Nybro, Skye Kirk, Paris Black

Heidi Fikstad of Moss Crossing

Heidi Fikstad is Owner and Chief Branding Officer of Moss Crossing & Moss Media. Her background is in Graphic Design, Branding, and Marketing and she holds a Bachelors in Design | Media Arts from UCLA. She has been involved in the Cannabis industry for over 7 years, and is passionate about normalizing Cannabis through compassionate care, education, and accessible design. Moss Crossing is a locally owned and operated modern cannabis shop with a welcoming environment, catering to the health and lifestyle needs of the local community. Moss Crossing is located in the heart of the Friendly Neighborhood in Eugene, OR.

Wendy Mintey of Cannflo Farms

1 Primary Cannaflo Logo Transparent Bckg - Wendy MinteyWomen Leaders Board Secretary since 2015 // Human Resource, Administration and Compliance Coordinator for Cannaflo Farms Cannaflo Farms is an OLCC licensed tier II recreational producer tucked away in the beautiful Willamette Valley. Family owned and operated by brothers, Jeff and Ted Schlageter; we pride ourselves on being a compassionate, dedicated team operating with integrity to provide quality crafted cannabis to the communities we have the privilege of serving. You can always find our finest available at either of our dispensaries; Oregon’s Herbal Remedies in Veneta and Cannabis, LLC in Springfield. Grow with the Flo!

Ryann Haworth of OG Analytical

IMG_20170823_144436 (1) - Ryann HaworthI moved to Oregon from Ohio in 2006 after earning my BA is Psychology with minor studies in Communication, Art and Culture. Two months after arriving in Oregon, I herniated a disk in my neck with flattening to the spinal cord. To say the least, I was not in good shape. My body did not react well to the pharmaceuticals the doctors were prescribed to control my pain. I was only able to find relief with cannabis and Reiki. I became a certified Reiki Master Teacher in 2007.

I am grateful to my partner at the time. He took care of me like no one has before. We started growing organically and from there our cannabis grow was born. For 10 years we grew cannabis together and formed successful businesses, Not For Dogs Only (NFDO) formed in 2008 and The Healthy Canine formed in 2015.

The Healthy Canine makes cannabis infused grain-free and organic dog treats. In 2015, rules were not like they are today. There was even talk of not allowing products for dogs to be available in the market place. After 16 years together, my partner and I decided to separate. We dissolved our romantic and business relationship. He partnered with a grow and did not have interest in baking dog treats. Seeing as though I lost my head baker who worked for free, I decided to sit back for a bit and see what happens with the rules changes. Remember, this was the medical time. Recreation had just won the vote but had yet to be implemented.

I had volunteered for OG Analytical in 2015. I wanted to learn all things lab. My volunteer experience was short. I had just begun developing The Healthy Canine. The Healthy Canine and our indoor grow needed my attention. But when my life took a turn, I felt the lab was the best place for me.OGA0001_Logo-Design_FINAL_1 - Ryann Haworth

I used OG Analytical to test our flower and cannabis infused dog treats. My experience volunteering and submitting samples through OGA was positive. It was obvious their goal was to maintain integrity in analytical science. Their proficiency test scores were and are impeccable. After working for myself for years, it was difficult to make a decision to work for someone else. I am an entrepreneur. But OGA won me over with integrity and I thought it would be a positive experience for me; I would be proud to have my name associated with them. And so, I contacted Bethany and she called me on my birthday to offer me a position she was creating in billing. Bethany was preparing to go on maternity leave and needed me to cover her daily tasks.

I grew from Administrative Assistant to VP of Administration in 8 months. In January of 2017, I was elected your Treasurer of Women Leaders in Cannabis. I am an organized self-starter who doesn’t accept ‘I don’t know’ responses. If I don’t know the answer, I research and research until I find the answer and fully understand why it is the answer. This summer I began growing my two businesses, The Healthy Canine and Lovelight Reiki while growing organic cannabis outdoors and helping WLC gain its non-profit status.

I love everything I do every day! Each task I perform helps me to grow. I have two furbabies that I call my blessings and my inspiration. I am passionate about giving back to the community via education and service and establishing a respected reputation of cannabis. If you are looking for help in starting a small business or understanding rules, feel free to contact me. I have been an active member in the Oregon cannabis industry for over a decade; I have a plethora of information to share.

Paula McGuigan of Home Spray Foam

IMG_3297 - Shaina QualleyI specialize in spray foam insulation for indoor grows and containers. I have great references and service all of Oregon and Washington. I am currently working on my California license.Home Spray Foam & Insulation - Shaina Qualley


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